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Plate Overfill

Am in the midst of a move this month. One of the great things about the new place is that there's room for an office/crafting center. Yay! Inspired, I decided to re-organize all my knitting-related items. What I found upon gathering everything was this:

(I have yet to count the amount of skeins in my stash but will say this: I see another stash-busting spree in my future.)

What most-amazed me out of everything was finding not one, not two, not even three, but eight - EIGHT!- works-in-progress. Gasp! I've always been one of those knitters who have between one to three projects in the works at a time, so it was more than shocking to find so many.

The first three items weren't surprises, as I've been actively working on them the last week. The rest, however, had slipped by unnoticed due to various reasons. There were even a couple I had completely forgotten about starting! Immediately Project Cleanout began.

Project #1: item to be given as a prize (hopefully) for an upcoming charity raffle.
Fate: Thanks to a Little House of the Prairie marathon yesterday, it's now almost complete.

Project #2: Violet Baby Dress for little miss Ellie, a replacement for the former dress which was just a little too small for her.
Fate: To be finished, and soon so she actually gets a chance to wear it.

Project #3: Lacy Bonnet for my neice.
Fate: Frogged, to be cast on again later in a different needle size.

Project #4: preemie-sized baby hat. Abandoned due to a vaccum mishap.
Fate: Fixed and finished.

Project #5: Baby burp cloth. Upon seeing it I remember casting on, but have no reason why.
Fate: To be finished once Projects 1 and 2 are done.

Project #6: Grr washcloth, found at the bottom of my stash. I had completely forgotten this one.
Fate: Frogged. Half the stitches were off the needles and I couldn't remember where I was in the pattern, anyway. To be started again following Projects 1-5.

Projects #7-8: Dishcloths, one needing only ends weaved in, another needing a bit of fixing.
Fate: Finished.

End result - three projects finished and two frogged, leaving three projects in the works. The knitting universe is set back to right. Well, almost...

Happy knitting!


I need to do this too. I know I have too many projects going, and it's my own fault for not getting around to emailing a few designers with questions. I have no local yarn store near me, though, so I cannot buy yarn until I finish some projects.. or go to Winfield to stock up on Lost City yarns... Life is rough! :)
Aw, I feel ya. For the last eight months was in a town with no yarn stores; only Walmart and JoAnn Fabrics, which was good yet not-so-fun all at once.
Ha, I attempted this once before & I guess LJ decided to post the start of my comment without telling me.:P

Anyway, I didn't realize you'd moved -- congratulations! I am SO jealous of your having a separate office/craft room! That's at the top of our must-haves for our own search for a new home. :)
Thank you. Am excited. :)