One Password Reset Later...

Hello hello! Wow, it has certainly been awhile hasn't it? (Only about 2 1/2 years but who's counting right?)

Honestly I wasn't too sure if I should start this again. There doesn't seem to be many of any at all readers of this little blog. Most people have moved on from LiveJournal in fact.

Wish I could say things have been far too busy all this time to update or that I've been working on some super secret sort of projects. Yet neither is true - I'm still just the same ole boring knitter I've always been. In many ways things haven't changed. I still enjoy coming up with my own blend of patterns, still need to have "finishing days" for when the stack of projects needing the ends weaved in grows too big, and still forget to take pictures many times before sending the finished project to wherever it needs to go.

So then, why come back? Why blog again? Because if there's one thing I know about myself it's that knitting is something to be shared. Do what you love and share it with the world (is that a saying? I'm making it one.) And truth be told there is quite a bit to be said - techniques I've learned, tricks and tips I'd love to share, and goals galore.

So here we go again folks. And as always, happy knitting!

2013 Stash Master List*

[pictures to come]

Have decided that, in light of all the recent yarn purchases and additions thanks to loving friends, it's time for another edition of cold sheeping. Step one: finding and recording all my current stash.

Aresano Opuleencia - (no color number/name) - 2 skeins
Artyarns Ultramerino 4 - (no color number/name) - 2 skeins
Bernat Baby Sport - soft yellow - 1 skein - mom used this
Bernat Soft Boucle - natural - 1 skein
Caron Simply Soft - red - 2 skeins
Caron Simply Soft - white - 3 skeins
Crystal Palace Yarns Party - firedance - 1 skein
Crystal Palace Yarns Party - indigo forest - 1 skein
Jaeger Luxury Tweed - 839 - 4 skeins
Knit Picks Palette - 1170 - 4 skeins
Lily Sugar'n Cream - brown - 1 skein
Lily Sugar'n Cream - cornflower - 1.5 skeins
Lily Sugar'n Cream - orange - 1 skein
Lily Sugar'n Cream Scrubby - yellow - 2 skeins
Lion Brand Cotton Ease - tessorro - 3 skeins
Lion Brand Vanna's Choice - linen - 0.5 skein
Lion Brand Vanna's Choice - dark purple - 0.5 skein

Lion Brand Wool Ease - blush heather - 2 skeins
Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly Pee Wee Prints - 0225850 - 2 skeins
unidentified acryllic/wool blend -unknown color - 1 skein

36 skeins of yarn. Will see how long it takes. Happy knitting!

* Does not include any "community yarn" - that which my mom and I store together and use.

Learning Experience

I'll be the first one to admit it - I make mistakes. Yep even after seven years of knitting and too-many-to-count projects, still I slip up from time to time. They pop up occasionally, I think, as a way of waking me up, or making sure I'm actually paying attention. It's a nice life lesson, no?
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