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Another Quicky Baby-Knit Filled Post

The knitting efforts have been slowed down lately. A mixture of job hunting, moving into the new place, and just plain not really wanting to knit. Yes, I actually just wrote that. It happens every once in awhile, usually around this time. Makes sense I suppose; it is almost Nanowrimo time. ;)

That said, I did get a few small baby-related presents finished and sent. First for a friend's little guy, a pair of burp clothes, and a hat-n-mittens set.

Pattern: Simple Burp Cloth
Needles: US size 5
Yarn: Lily Sugar and Cream
Modifications: Quite a few actually. The pattern calls for a thin garter stitch border. Personally I prefer a thicker border to help ease the curling. Also, I like taking baby washcloth patterns and adding them in the center portion. The cloth pictured used a pattern called Studley. In order to do this, simply follow the instructions for the washcloth. Once the center design is finished,keep working the border/stockinette center until the cloth is the length you want, then create the final border. Easy!

Pattern: Wee Baby Mitts and Baby Blue Hat
Needles: US size 5
Yarn: I honestly don't recall anymore.
Modifications: None really, aside from changing the needle size to accomidate the yarn.

Well, I enjoyed making the hat and mittens so much that I decided it was only right to make a set for Little Miss Ellie's little sibling, to be born sometime in December:

This time I used some Bernat Baby Softee in mint (at least I think it's called mint. It looks minty, anyway). No word on if baby is a boy or girl until he/she is born, so needed a nice neutral color.

So that's about it. Told ya it was gonna be quick. Happy knitting!